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Together for Equality

The Volunteers in Colombia Foundation builds innovative programs that support children and women’s empowerment to overcome violence, discrimination, and lack of education. These programs are community-based educational, psychological, and physical training.

No one knows better what the community needs than the people who live there.

What We Do

Many initiatives have been created in neighborhoods where the majority of residents live in poverty by people who invest their time, heart, and soul to create change.

But oftentimes initiatives with great potential lack the resources and knowledge to create a sustainable impact. That’s why Volunteers in Colombia Foundation partners with the local community and volunteers to drive these initiatives forward and fight for equality from within.

Current Programs in progress


Where strong girls become strong women.

Un Paso Adelante

A step forward by providing education.

Zero Hunger

Fight hunger in this world of plenty.

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A mosquito in your bedroom makes you realize that you are never too small to have an impact.


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By donating to the Volunteers in Colombia Foundation, you can support food donations in Colombia and join us in our fight against inequality in vulnerable communities.

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