Box2Grow- Women Boxers of Medellin NFT

The Goal

"Box2Grow: Women Boxers of Medellin" is an NFT photo collection taken over the course of a year in the neighborhood of La Honda Medellin, Colombia. The series is intended to document the work of the women's boxing program run by the Volunteers in Colombia Foundation to promote women's empowerment.

About the Collection

Initiated in the spring of 2021, the collection began as a short documentary filmed in person at the Box2Grow program to tell the compelling stories of both the program and the women participating in it.

Many of them have experienced difficult living conditions in the underdeveloped and male-dominated barrio. By participating in the program, they empower themselves on their journey to take control of their destiny.

From girls as young as 7 to women as old as 85, the progress these women have made in just one year is truly remarkable. Our goal was to provide an unbiased and personal look at the lives of these women and their environment while documenting their development.

By examining both the macro level of the program and the neighborhood, as well as the micro level of the women's unique personal stories, we hope to paint a detailed picture that creates awareness, resonance and empathy.

When you empower her, you empower everyone!

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital representation including the ownership rights of an (art) piece like a picture, a song, a collectible, or a book, in its digital or physical form.

A Non-fungible means that the piece you own is not interchangeable, unique, like a blanket woven by your grandmother. There might be duplicates but there is only one original. Depending on the demand for the piece and the benefits provided with it this can become an investment object which will raise in price, like you collected an old vinyl in 1960 hosting one song for a famous Salsa artist.

Support Box2Grow

You should consider buying an Box2Grow NFT to empower the girls and women in Colombia. We will receive the buying amount as a donation, and you will own the picture/NFT. In the future, we plan to provide benefits to owners of our NFTs, like special online boxing classes or access to additional material.

We are providing an option to buy the NFT to allow you to build your digital collection and take advantage or our benefits while doing something good and empowering these women with your donation.