Volunteer Matching Service

We are convinced that we can generate a positive impact in our society by bringing like-minded and committed people together

“Work for a cause, not for applause”

We Are Stronger Together

Through our volunteer matching program, Volunter in Colombia strives to create meaningful connections between local NGOs and our international professional volunteers.

By building a bridge and connecting both NGOs and volunteers, we believe we can make a significant difference by providing local organizations with the expertise they need to drive their initiatives forward.

A Bridge for Innovation

We are the bridge between international volunteers and local foundations. We have partnered with over 30 local NGOs throughout Colombia that could use your expertise. Bringing together like-minded and committed people, positively impacts Colombian society. We believe that every professional can use their knowledge and talents to make a difference.

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Professional Volunteering

Match with an NGO and receive support during your volunteer journey.

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Can’t Donate Time?

Another important way to support our tribe at Volunteers in Colombia is to make a financial contribution each month. Your monthly gift will go a long way in helping us support our communities.

With your monthly contribution you will be kept informed about our current and new projects. All gifts are greatly appreciated and will go to helping our local communities and projects.

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